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Reflecting on Growth and Continuing Research

Last week, I worked on contacting a few more people for interviews and my ISM business symposium reflection. It was nice to reflect on and think about how much I have grown between last year’s and this year’s ISM business symposium as well as the professional skills I was able to practice at the event. I also was able to get a 2nd interview set up with a professional that I met at the ISM Business Symposium in early October. 

This week, I have my 2nd ISM interview on Wednesday with Ms. Nayar. I am looking forward to speaking with her and getting to know her profession better. Although she is not in marketing specifically, getting an overview of how she was able to start her business and market it in the initial stages will be interesting to learn. This interview is with a group of 2 other ISM students who she met at the ISM symposium and will be a unique experience to be a part of a group interview. This week, I will also work on thinking of Original Work ideas which will start in a few weeks. I also want to get my 3rd interview scheduled by the end of this week.


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