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First Research Assessment and Collecting Contacts

Last week, I worked on my first research assessment which is not my career overview or annotated bibliography. I had a great time reading about a debate that I didn’t know existed about a fundamental concept in marketing. It was interesting to read the controversy and opposing viewpoints about the marketing mix, a fundamental concept in marketing. Last Monday was also when my ISM class got to go to brunch together which I really loved. I had a great time spending time as a class, learning from each other, and conducting ourselves professionally outside of class. 

This week, I will continue to work on my research by doing another research assessment about fundamental marketing concepts. I aim to research the fundamentals for 2-3 weeks before jumping into specific parts of the field to better understand the main concepts before the details. This week, I will also work on collecting contacts for my first interview. I will spend an hour or so collecting references for me to reach out to in the next week or so for an interview to further my research and hopefully find a mentor by November. I am excited for this next part of ISM and speak to professionals in the field and further my research!


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