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Resume/Brand Updates and Starting Research!

Last week, I worked on finishing up my 2nd annotated bibliography to find 5 more sources that I could use for my research. Through this, I found some really exciting and interesting documents surrounding issues in marketing that I am excited to research. An article that came up was about the ethics surrounding marketing to kids and teens and I felt that it would be something that is really interesting to research. It gave me a few Original Work and Final product ideas as well! I also worked on cleaning up my resume to submit this week. 

This week, my goals are to finish my next research assessment which is about the debates surrounding the 4Ps of marketing, a fundamental concept in marketing. This article provides a few counters to one of the fundamental concepts of marketing: the marketing mix or the 4Ps of marketing. This article will allow me to broaden my perspective on the marketing mix and see some real-world debates around such a fundamental concept. I am also looking forward to the ISM brunch this week on Monday! I feel that it will be a fun way for me to get to know others better and kickstart this year in ISM. 


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